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Weight Loss, Strength & Brain-Training For Busy Professionals

Online program to help every leader, professional and change-maker feel energized every time they look in the mirror despite their high-pressure, schedule-intense lifestyle.
Shape Up: Body & Mind
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A Program Just For You
Drop unwanted pounds & develop strength, both physically and mentally
Increase your metabolism and heal your gut
Boost mental calm & clarity
Adopt small habits that easily fit the life you live
Generate energy and increase motivation to prioritize yourself
Access your brain’s “happy hormones” to positively reframe the mind 
How It Works
Online Program
Watch short expert advice videos each week at your convenience and add one easy strategy at a time to lose weight and get stronger fast.
Proven Plan
Follow proven, easy strategies to drop unwanted pounds for good while improving your brain’s stress response so life’s pressures won’t knock you off course.  
Expert Support
Access Andrea and her team via her online Forum for all of your questions and to become part of a supportive community of professionals on the same journey.
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This program is for every leader, professional and change-maker who doesn’t feel energized every time they look in the mirror. If you live a high-pressure, schedule-intense lifestyle and want to look and feel better, but don't know where to start, this is for you. If your usual fitness solutions don’t work anymore, but your time and energy demands keep you from trying new ways, I’ve got you covered,

Who Is It For

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Why Does It Exist

Work/life balance is stressful enough. Old-school fitness methods like diets and punishing workout regimens are ineffective and unsustainable because they fail to meet the challenges and realities of daily life for today’s leaders and professionals. You need an easier, more effective, comfortable way to get to your best self. And this is it. 
Cooking Together
Don't Waste Time On Experimenting
Stop guessing and go with a proven program for lasting results
Be decisive for yourself the way you are in your career
Level up from the privacy of your own home, at your own pace
Leading Expertise At Your Fingertips
Traditional approaches to weight loss and strengthening fail professionals in three main ways:

1. Restrict or eliminate foods making business meals challenging and social occasions stressful.
2. They require lengthy, grueling workouts that can’t consistently fit into packed work schedules.
3. They don’t address stress, which is the #1 reason people struggle to prioritize their fitness.

The solution?

Shape Up: Body & Mind, the only simultaneous mental and physical fitness course of its kind.

Based on the 6-week program in my highly rated book, The Way In: 5 Winning Strategies to Lose Weight, Get Strong & Lift Your Life, this course means you won’t only train your body to shed pounds and build muscle, you’ll also train your mind to handle stress and grow more positive by default.

The result?

You’re more likely to stay on track - for good.

Best of all? You’ll never be alone! Shape Up: Body & Mind includes membership in my exclusive Forum where you can get help and support from me personally, my team, and our community.

What are you waiting for?
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Why Should You Trust Me?
Because I’ve been where you are. And I live the way you do. 

16 years into my fitness and wellbeing career, I had clients on a waitlist, and I was also a writer, actress, parent, friend, and person struggling just like everyone else to be and do all that they feel capable of… and still have a respectable social life.

By the time I’d finish each day, I was pretty drained. I’d find myself doing the “big sigh” at the end of every day — that unconscious, deep breath our body forces us to take to try to lighten the weight.

I decided there had to be a better way. It led me to my life’s mission:

To help you feel your best so you can do your best, and truly enjoy your life to the fullest!
A Little About Andrea
I’m the Founder and CEO of AND/life™, a wellbeing lifestyle brand with a mission to help busy people maximize their lives, physically and mentally. A Los Angeles-based fitness expert for 30 years and top-rated author, I’ve spent more than a decade developing and testing my real-world, “total lifestyle” approach to physical and mental wellness.

I created 5 Life Strategies, a learnable, actionable set of principles to help people level up in every area of life. The result is my book, The Way In: 5 Winning Strategies to Lose Weight, Get Strong & Lift Your Life, the AND/life fitness lifestyle app, the AND/life Connect workday wellness solution, and my online course studio.

Ready to level up? Just click below!
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Andrea Marcellus
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Would you like to lose weight, get strong and lift your life? This is for you!
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